Frog Figure and Tree Figure at Camarillo Site

Amphibious Figures at S. Bony Mountain Site

Multiple Figures at S. Bony Mountain Site

Closeups of Figures Shown Above

Bird-like People Figures and Fish Figure
(Or is that People-like Bird Figures?)

Similar Amphibious and Bird Figures

More Amphibious Figures

These pictures were taken from two remote sites in Ventura County. You will notice some defamation to the figures in these paintings, and so will understand that I am VERY selective in whom I choose to reveal the locations of these paintings to. I would be interested in sharing this site information with those who know of other relatively unknown sites in the Santa Barbara to L.A. County areas.

If you happen to be lucky enough to stumble upon such a site in your explorations, PLEASE respect that these paintings have survived hundreds of years and can not be restored once they are tampered with. Take pictures only, knowing it is quite impossible to take samples with any value whatsoever. And, please do your best to protect these sites for future generations to enjoy!

Feel free to contact me if you would like a copy of the XGA resolution (1024x768x24 .jpg) version of any of the photos on this web site. -Mark Theobald