Great Blue Heron <---> Mature Osprey

Snowy Egret <---> Wood Stork

Young Osprey with Ocean Perch

Baby Blue Heron (I think) <---> Sand Piper

Slipper Lobster on Spiny Oyster <---> Orb Spider

Golden Orb Spiders

Download the 1024x768x24 XGA versions!

These pictures were taken with my new Sony Mavica model FD91 with 14X optical zoom. I made full use of the zoom on all the bird pictures and good use of its macro capabilities for the spider shots. The first Orb Spider shot above was taken at one inch distance with no zoom!

I have been very happy with this camera, even though it was $1000 and is not a mega-pixel camera. It takes pictures at the same resolution that I set my computers for (XGA 1024x768) and I absolutely love the 14X zoom and DOS formatted 3.5" floppy-drive storage system. It also records up to one minute .mpg movie files with sound!

I can take hundreds of pictures on a small stack of floppies worth only a few bucks compared to the many hundreds of dollars worth of memory cards I would need to do the same on another camera. The floppy-disk storage also makes sharing pictures in the field and transferring them to the computer a snap!

How much I love the 14X zoom is well illustrated in these bird pictures. On any other camera, the images would have been tiny and any enlargement would only have blown the pixels up, making the images very grainy. Digital zoom features should not even be considered when selecting a camera, not only because using it makes the pictures grainy, but this task can just as easily be done on the computer.